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The Church was opened in 1835. It is a beautiful Church and is a credit to the village. 
The Church is connected to the Community Hall. The Church grounds are well cared for. It is in the centre of the village and is a nice sight to behold. The graveyard is across the road from the Church and situated upon the hill. The graveyard was once a monastery and there you can find the remains of a round tower and church.

The grotto was opened in the 12th August 1989. It is well kept and looks very nice. It is planted with scrubs and small trees and a bench to sit down and have a bite to eat. There is a pond beside the statue of Mary and there are goldfish in the pond. There are two castles in the village. There is Castle H which in the shape of the letter H. There is also Castle Oliver which is the nicest building in Ardpatrick. Many people have lived there over the years. Now people are trying to fix it up again. These are just some of the fine buildings in the area. Finally the Old Creamery which was knocked down has been developed into a park.